Gifts in wills

Leaving a gift in your will to Deafblind UK can help us make the world a better place for people who are deafblind.

Living with deafblindness can be lonely and difficult to come to terms with.  After you have looked after your loved ones, your gift could pay for a deafblind person to have a befriender to take them out of the house once a week; it could help us to run more social groups to give deafblind people some much needed social interaction; it or it might help to keep our Information and Advice Line open allowing us be there in someone’s darkest hours.

“I miss people to talk to, I miss so many things…”

Deafblindness affects more and more people each year. By 2029 it is estimated that nearly 539,000 people in the UK will be deafblind. Your legacy, no matter how big or small, will allow us to continue to support people with deafblindness in years to come.

“It has totally changed my life… I’ve got someone else to talk to and someone else to think about”

If you leave us a gift in your will, we promise to:

  • Spend your gift wisely, ensuring it has the greatest possible impact on our beneficiaries
  • Not put you under any pressure, we understand this is an important decision and will allow you to decide in your own time.
  • Understand that friends and family come first. We respect that and won’t try to change it.
  • Be understanding if you need to change your mind about a gift in your will
  • Treat your family and next of kin respectfully and sensitively
  • Use your gift for a specific service if that’s what you would like
  • Answer any questions you have honestly and quickly
  • Respect your privacy and not contact you in a particular way if you ask us not to
  • Not sell or share your personal information with anyone
  • Follow the Code of Fundraising Practice set out by the Fundraising Regulator

Get a free will online 

We understand that at this uncertain time you want to make sure your loved ones are looked after should the worse happen. We work with Guardian Angel to provide a simple will for free (usually £90). This can be quickly and easily produced online or over the phone.

Gifts from wills make a huge difference to our work. There is no obligation, however many people using this service choose to leave a gift to our charity in their will.

Why use our free wills service?

  • It’s quick and easy – it could take just 15 minutes!
  • It’s safe – Guardian Angel wills are legally binding and checked by experts
  • It is free!
  • You will have peace of mind that your affairs are in order
  • This can be done face to face or over the phone if you would prefer

Call 0800 773 4014 to arrange an appointment to start your will over the phone or click the button below to do it online.


Talk to an Estate Planning Consultant 

If you would like a more in-depth discussion about your will, we have partnered with Jones Whyte to give you access to their expert Estate Planning Consultants. 

Why work with Jones Whyte? 

  • They have been preparing wills since 1853  – so you are in good hands!
  • A standard will only states who is to benefit when you die. Their “Estate Planning Wills” ensure that your estate finishes up where you want it
  • Jones Whyte will prepare your will for £250 +VAT for a single client and £340 +VAT for a couple, and they will make a donation out of their fee to our Charity

Call 0800 852 1999 or email: to get started. 

Click here to find out more. 

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