Annabelle’s top London Marathon Tips

Thinking of running the London Marathon 2018 for Deafblind UK? Here are some top tips from last year’s runner, Annabelle:

Get a wall planner and follow a training programme. Stick to it!

Yes I did miss a few runs but never the long ones on the weekend – those are really key! They say you can miss 70-80% of a plan and still achieve the distance but make sure it’s not the long runs you’re missing.

Invest in new running shoes before you start training.

A marathon and the training is a huge commitment, so invest wisely – make sure you’ve got all the gear to see you through. About half way through I upgraded my trainers and they made the world of difference.

Train without music

I know it sounds crazy but this is the best tip I received. The atmosphere on the day you won’t want to miss plus the cheers at the end will overwhelm your beats and clash.

A running belt will become your lifeline

Keep Vaseline, your gels and water tucked in here and train with it as you’ll need it on the day. Yes you will look like a power ranger, and a crazy running fanatic on your long training runs but you’ll be the one smiling at the end!

You will take candy from babies – especially at mile 21+

Also stock up and test gels, blocks, drinks and other endurance energy products – you don’t want a funny tummy on the way around and you’re going to need the extra sugar if you want to avoid the dreaded “wall”.

Running and injuries are not friends!

As soon as a niggle arises, get it checked out by a physio or doctor. In January I had to stop training for three weeks due to a knee injury (caused by weak glutes!). Yes you need to be cardio fit but your muscles also must be strong to stand the distance, get on those weight machines!

We are now looking for runners to take part in the London Marathon 2018 – if you think you’ve got what it takes and would like to join team Deafblind UK then please contact us


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