If you want to find out more about Deafblind UK or how to live better with sight and hearing loss then why not join one of our events. See below for more details.

TalkTech – RNIB Technology for Life

Virtual event

We are delighted to welcome the return of Mo and Mark from the RNIB Technology for Life team. They will share their ‘Top 6 pieces of Tech for Christmas!’  - so if you are looking for ideas for that perfect gift to add to your xmas list this will be a great session to attend. ... Read more

TalkTech: Russ Palmer 

Virtual event

We are delighted to be joined by deafblind musical therapist and singer-songwriter Russ Palmer. A researcher in the field of social - haptic communication, Russ explores the ‘feeling’ of musical vibrations through musical expression and therapy and draws upon his own experiences as a cochlear implant user. A fascinating session!

TalkTech: Sight and Sound

Virtual event

In this session, we are delighted to welcome back assistive technology specialists Sight and Sound who will once again focus on a selection of  product solutions from their product store to support people living with sight and hearing loss. Welcome back! 

TalkTech: Taira Tech

Virtual event

Taira Tech is a family run business based in Lincolnshire. Mo and Omar are passionate about helping people who live with sensory loss with technology. They offer a range and products and services and they will be on hand during this session to tell you more.

TalkTech: British Wireless for the Blind Fund (BWBF)

Virtual event

BWBF are a longstanding national charity specialising in the free loans of specially adapted radio equipment for people living with sensory loss. Simon will tell us more about their products and how you can benefit from their personalized services.  

TalkTech: RNIB Technology for Life Team

Virtual event

Today we welcome back Mo and Mark from the RNIB Technology for Life Team. As always they are keen to share their latest technological developments that we can all benefit from in our daily lives. We warmly invite them back! 

TalkTech: Advanced Bionics

Virtual event

Today, we are really excited to be joined by Advanced Bionics – cochlear implant providers for the NHS and the private sector. They will outline how much cochlear implant technology has advanced in the last 30 years, explain how cochlear implants systems work and give valuable advice and information to assist you on every step of your journey to hearing. 

TalkTech: BrightSign Glove

Virtual event

The BrightSign glove translates any sign language into speech – even your own! Hadeel Ayoub is the company founder and Erhan Uckun is Director of Business development for BrightSign. We are really looking forward to hearing more from them about this latest innovation and how its companion app can give access to other features such as different voice choices, real time language translation and supporting text output. A great session to look forward too!  

Face to face social groups

Some of our face to face community groups are back up and running again following the pandemic. These groups are a great way to meet new people and get out and about in your community. We are running these groups in the following locations: Frinton   Clacton  Colchester  Chelmsford  Corringham  Harlow  Bury St Edmonds  Peterborough  Huntingdon   ... Read more

Fortnightly video call social group

Our video social groups are a great way to meet new people and socialise from the comfort of your own home. They're ideal if you prefer to lipread or use subtitles. All Deafblind UK members are welcome, regardless of your condition or where you live. All you need is a phone, tablet or computer with ... Read more

Fortnightly telephone social group

Our telephone groups are great for chatting to a small group of people over the phone and enjoying some mood-boosting socialising. It’s really easy to join and great fun! All Deafblind UK members are welcome, regardless of your condition or where you live. All you need is a phone, tablet or computer with internet access. ... Read more

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