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Here’s our roundup of some of our favourite products, tips and tricks to help make technology accessible for all.

Accessibility improvements in Apple iOS 14

Apple have included an impressive number of accessibility updates in their latest iOS release. Here are a few of them:

  • FaceTime ‘Speaking’ feature: This feature gives focus to the active speaker or signer by making their tile have prominence on the screen. To turn this on, go to Settings – FaceTime – Speaking
  • Magnifier: The inbuilt magnifier now has its own dedicated app with customized controls, meaning you can now use the app to magnify and adjust the brightness and colours of anything you need to look at!
  • Back Tap: This new feature allows you to tap the back of your phone to select an icon, perfect for those with limited dexterity. Go to Settings – Accessibility – Touch
  • Headphone Accommodations: If you use Apple and Beats headphones, you can now optimize your audio frequencies and there is even a ‘custom audio set wizard’ to help you choose the right settings for you.

Facebook Portal TV

We love the new Facebook Portal TV, a small black box that sits on top of your TV and allows you to use your TV for video calls! One member told us: “These days I often go about my daily tasks and have a friend chatting to me in the background, it’s fantastic!”


Have you ever felt it would be nice if the person in the shop interacted with you and not the person you were with? The WelcoMe app is changing customer service by placing the disabled consumer at the heart of any interaction.

You set up a profile on the free app and then set up a visit to a participating venue including shopping lists or anything you would like them to know about your visit. As soon as you press “send” they are informed of your arrival and when you walk through the door they are better prepared than ever before.


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