Keeping in touch over breakfast

By Roger Wilson-Hinds, Deafblind UK Trustee

I heard my friend in London was pretty low and very isolated. Coronavirus has meant he can no longer visit his wife in the local hospice.  So when we sat down for breakfast this morning, I rang him. With our phones on the breakfast table we chatted and ate, as if we were together. I wondered what he would think but half an hour after the call, he rang back and said ‘porridge together at 8:30 tomorrow’. Then I knew it was a great idea – there’s no need to be isolated.

There are several smartphones that are easy to use for people with sight and hearing loss. We were using ‘In Your Pocket’ which is great. I just said to the phone, “Call Alan” and we were soon talking. Help is available to set it all up and put in your personal contacts. You also get to hear thousands of books, newspapers and magazines just by saying what you want to hear.

To find out more about In Your Pocket, click here or call 0333 772 7708