Make Christmas magical for deafblind parents this year

Make Christmas magical for deafblind parents this year Deafblind UK

Can you help make Christmas special for the children of deafblind parents?


For most families, Christmas is the most exciting time of the year, from the sparkle of the fairy lights to the hum of classic Christmas carols. But imagine how it would feel if you couldn’t hear and see those special moments. The unique essence of Christmas wasn’t there, you couldn’t untangle the string of lights, and carols went unheard. Worst of all, it felt impossible to give those magical moments to your children.

For deafblind parents like Jenny, having the support of Deafblind UK means Christmas can be exciting and joyful once again.

“Thanks to Deafblind UK, my children will smile this Christmas Day – and I will relish every moment!”

Please help us to make Christmas magical again for parents who are deafblind. This is life-changing work, and your support will make a grand and magical difference to deafblind families.

Your support can mean that kitchen adaptations are an option for people like Jenny so they can make their families a Christmas dinner, with all the trimmings too. Your donation can quite literally be the difference between children and families having a Christmas full of magic and excitement, instead of it feeling impossible.

“Last Christmas, I felt like a really good mum for the first time ever” – Jenny, Deafblind UK member.

Deafblind UK works with people like Jenny across the country to help regain their confidence as parents and individuals. Our qualified Counsellors help people who are deafblind come to terms with their new way of life and recover from previous trauma. While our team of digital specialists help with accessible equipment, such as smart ovens controlled by an app!

Everyday things, like setting ovens or hanging lights can be enormously different to people with visual and hearing loss.

But in the end, we all want the same, to know our children felt the magic of Christmas.

From everyone at Deafblind UK, thank you and Merry Christmas!

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