Our helpline champ – Angela’s skydive!

Events - Members - Staff - Angela Priestley RE23-54 - outside in sky dive suit - 2023

Our helpline advisor Angela took to the skies to raise awareness for deafblindness

It was a day filled with excitement and adrenaline as our helpline advisor, Angela, embarked on a thrilling adventure she had always dreamt of – a sponsored skydive.

Angela had always wanted to take to the skies and experience the feeling of flying. As she spoke nostalgia arose for Angela, reminded of the childhood movie ‘The Never-Ending Story’ where the desire to fly grew. Through a sponsored skydive for Deafblind UK, she finally got to experience the sensation of being “free”, gliding through the skies, just her and the wind beneath.

When asked what motivated Angela to undertake the skydive, she said –

“To let people living with deafblindness know they are not alone and to share my experience. We all have different conditions, but we have the same feelings about what it’s like to lose your sight and hearing. So, I wanted to let people know by putting awareness out there that you can do things once you come out of your tunnel”.

Each call Angela answers on the helpline provides warmth, a friendly voice, advice, and advocacy. Having been deafblind since childhood, she has a unique understanding of the challenges that our members face and gives them the comfort and support they need. Angela is one tough cookie, and with her kindness comes a strong determination, resilience, will and motivation – a notion she gifts to her callers. With her helpline advice and sponsored skydive (which crushed her target), Angela is the type of change maker people with deafblindness across the UK need.

“We have all been in dark places, and I think to myself, this condition isn’t going anywhere, and I had to learn to adapt to it. It is so important to see the other side”. – Angela, Deafblind UK helpline advisor.

We couldn’t be more excited to share this momentous occasion with Angela and extend our warmest congratulations to our fearless friend.

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