Portrait of Kelly with long dark hair wearing a patterned top

Kelly Taylor


Kelly Taylor is passionate about empowering people with sight and hearing loss and shares our belief that more people need to know about this condition. Kelly makes vital contributions to Deafblind UK by producing insightful awareness videos about living with deafblindness. Kelly’s videos focus on important topics, including the importance of clear speech, communication methods and her lived experiences of deafblindness.

Kelly has also contributed to educational materials used on the Deafblind Studies course at Birmingham City University. The course is led by fellow ambassador, Dr Peter Simcock, and is based on the belief that everyone living with deafblindness has the right to be supported by people with the knowledge and skills to provide a high-quality service. Through this collaboration, Kelly’s voice and experience will help to deepen the student’s professional understanding of deafblindness.

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