Personalised listening

The BBC is trialing an exciting new feature called “accessible and enhanced audio” (A&E) which allows audiences to change the audio mix of a TV programme to suit their individual needs. Click here to watch an episode of Casualty and put it to the test!

Deafblind UK Trustee Roger said: “Our hearing is very personal and we know that not everyone wants the same thing out of TV audio or radio. The perfect sounds mix for one viewer might be too loud, or too busy, for another. For many people, the level of background sound in a TV programme can make understanding the dialogue difficult, particularly for viewers who have a hearing impairment. The technology was designed particularly to allow viewers to personalise their listening experience; enhancing some aspects of the audio mix and reducing others so that they can get the most out of TV dramas, tailored to their hearing needs.”

The A&E Audio Project is a collaboration between BBC Research and Development, Casualty and the University of Salford. They are keen to gather feedback from our members on their experiences using the feature.

The project runs until the end of August. To submit feedback please go to