Deafblind Dinin’

Our first Deafblind Dinin’ event took place in February, held in partnership with Mindful Chef and hosted by Cambridge RAG . Deafblind Dinin’ encouraged our supporters to think about the importance of their eyes and ears as they spent an evening preparing a delicious meal at home. To experience deafblindness and the challenges people with sight and hearing loss face every day, our diners took it in turns to support one another to complete tasks wearing an eye mask and ear plugs.

Charlotte and Sean from Stroud took part in the event. Charlotte says “we signed up to Deafblind Dinin’ as we were looking for a different way to spend, yet another, lockdown evening and really looked forward to not having to think about what to cook! We had a wonderful, insightful, thought provoking evening which gave us a real focus on just how much we rely on our sight and hearing every day. We had to really think about how to support one another and really trust one another to make sure that we could find our food on the plate. It was hard to communicate at first and we really had to adapt. The food (and wine) seemed to taste so much more flavourful, it was an incredible sensation, but I really missed enjoying the colours of my plate”.

A huge thank you to everyone who took part to help raise money and awareness for Deafblind UK! You can find out more about fundraising for Deafblind UK here.