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We rely on our generous supporters to help us make a difference to people who are deafblind. With nearly 400,000 people living with dual sensory loss in the UK, we have our work cut out but every pound we raise helps us to get a bit closer to those who really need us.

Here are some fundraising ideas to get you started:

Celebrate & donate:  Ask for donations instead of birthday gifts

Individual events: Run, cycle, walk, swim… From the London Marathon to Great North Run and Climbing Mount Snowdon?

Open Gardens: Great British public love to have a nose at a beautiful garden, you could sell home grown produce? Ask for donations instead of birthday gifts

Deafblind Challenge: How about holding a silent disco?

Seasonal: put on an Easter egg hunt, Christmas party, Halloween party, Harvest Festival

Car Boot Sales: Why not have a good clear out and raise some cash

Exercise your way to success: Know someone who teaches Zumba or Yoga? Why not get them to donate their time and hold a group session where people can donate to take part.

Bag Packers:  Ask your local supermarket if you can pack bags at the checkout for donations

Individual events: Challenge yourself; walk 10,000 steps every day for a month or ride from London to Paris on an exercise bike?

Bake sales: Everyone loves a slice of cake. Why not create your own bake off?

Get your neighbours involved: Why not organise an open garden day in your area? Or a food safari – plan a route for the day and visit each other’s houses for food and drink? Or even a local treasure hunt? Tickets will sell like hot cakes especially when they know it’s going to a good cause.

Charity of the Year:  Ask your employer if they have a scheme?

Collection Tins: Ask your local pub, supermarket, garden centre, company, friends to display a collection pot for us?

Raffle:  Ask for donations from local companies, sell tickets in your place of work?

Sweepstakes: Send your colleagues a note to come and see you at lunch time to have a go on your sweepstake. From getting them to guess how many sweets are in the jar to guessing the weight of a pile of chocolate bars! The nearest to the answer wins the lot!

Duck Race:  a dozen rubber ducks and a stream you can race them in. Just make sure to round them up afterwards! Be sure to have a prize for the ‘quickest duck’.  Have an entry price

Dress down day:  Ask at school or place of work to join in

Hold a deafblind challenge event: Get together and hold competitions with limited sight and hearing by using blurry goggles and earplugs.

Schools: Why not ask your local school to organise a Spelling Bee, sponsored silence, dressing up day?

Guess No of sweets: Fill a jar with sweets (remembering to count them as you do it), then invite people to guess how many there are for a nominal fee. The closest answer wins the jar!

If you have a great idea, contact us for t-shirts, collections buckets and banners!

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