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Many arts and crafts activities can be experienced and enjoyed through senses other than sight. The process of creating something from scratch can be very therapeutic and with practice you could make something practical for yourself or a heartfelt gift for others, with any imperfections adding to the charm of a homemade present! Detailed tutorials and materials can be found online, but here is some inspiration to get you started.

Crochet and Binca

Whilst crocheting can still be relaxing and enjoyable, having limited vision will require some organisation before you start crafting. Having a contrasting colour background alongside a bright and adjustable lamp will help, as well organising your yarn by colour and labelling the storage. By working closer to the tip of the needle, you will have more control over the stitches. When you have finished for the day, push the needles into a cork so nothing can slip before you pick it up again. This will take some practice, so an alternative is large binca cross stitching. This fabric has ready-made holes that you can feel and sew a pattern into, using a large blunt needle.


There are lots of fully descriptive knitting tutorials that explain the physical sensation of knitting and how the pattern should feel, to keep you on track. YouTube is a good place to start, as well as online knitting groups (such as the ‘Blind Stitchers Google group’) made up of blind and low vision knitters readily available to give you tips and plenty of encouragement. (We can help you to find online resources if you need!) Bamboo or plastic needles are the least slippery so make counting the stitches easier, with large print and braille tape measures also obtainable to guide you.


Other traditional forms of art can be made into three dimensional and interactive experiences. Painting can be done using textured paint such as oil or adding wire to a canvas to create raised line drawings, acting as either a guide to paint within or a completed image

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