How to fundraise in memory of someone

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When someone you love dies, fundraising in their memory can be a meaningful way of connecting with them and celebrating their life.

Fundraising in memory for Deafblind UK means that your loved one’s life, and your memories with them, will keep supporting people living with deafblindness now and for years to come.

What is memorial fundraising?

Memorial fundraising is when you raise money for charity in honour of a loved one’s life. This could be a family member, friend, or a person you were close to.

Many people find it comforting to support a cause their special person was passionate about, and it can be a way of staying connected with someone after their death.

Memorial fundraising ideas

There are lots of ways to raise money in memory of someone – such as hosting an event, collection or even taking on a challenge. Here’s some fundraising inspiration to help you get started:

Celebrate an anniversary

Marking anniversaries in your loved one’s life is a reminder of the special role they continue to play in your life.

Holding a fundraising event on an anniversary is a chance to bring people together, celebrate their life and support a cause they cared about.

Why not try one of these top fundraising event ideas?

  • Host a charity bake sale – you could ask attendees to bake recipes your loved one wrote or enjoyed
  • Run a game or movie night – choose a favourite movie and get out the snacks to create a movie theatre at home! Ask friends or family to attend and donate the price of a movie ticket
  • Run a craft day – if your loved one enjoyed crafts such as knitting, sewing or gardening, host a day for friends and family to try it out and ask them for a donation in memory to attend.

Create a tribute page

A tribute page is a way of remembering someone special and create a lasting memorial to them.

Share your tribute page among family and friends to collect stories, photographs, and memories. You can also use the page to celebrate anniversaries and collect donations in their memory.

Set up a Much Loved tribute page to remember your loved one.

Organise a collection at a funeral

Collections at funerals or on anniversaries are a great way for friends and family to contribute to a cause close to their hearts.

If your loved one chose not to have a funeral, and you still want to organise a collection in their memory, you could set up a fundraiser on Facebook. They’re easy to set up and you can share memories, favourite photos, and your loved one’s story.

Contact our team for help and advice about arranging a collection or click here to pay in your collection money.

Take on a challenge in their memory

If you’re the adventurous type, what better way to remember someone than by taking on a personal challenge in their honour.

Taking on a challenge event is a way to share memories of your loved one, have a new experience and fundraise for a cause close to their heart. From mountain climbing, biking to running a marathon – there’s something for everyone!

Click here to find out more about fundraising.

Set up a regular gift

If you don’t have time to do a fundraising event, monthly giving is a great way to support a cause your loved one cared about. A small monthly gift can make a big difference – for example, a gift of just £5 a month will pay for one support call on our helpline, so nobody has to go through deafblindness alone.

Set up a monthly gift.

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