I am immensely proud to be a Government key worker


Rosalind is a support worker for Deafblind UK and has been walking 5 miles a day to make sure our clients are safe and well during the lockdown.

“Walking through the empty streets of central London, down a deserted Oxford Street, then across Hyde Park, now glorious in the Spring sunshine, is a very different experience from taking two crowded tube trains during rush hour.

“I have been helping my clients to do video calls and to access BBC i-player. My clients are delighted that they can now have some sort of contact with their children and grandchildren. The nicest times are when we walk round their beautiful garden square, then sit and feel the sun on our faces. Everything seems more peaceful and less polluted without traffic – there are now several new birds singing.

“After sixteen years working for Deafblind UK, I have gained a new sense of the importance of my role during this enforced lockdown. I feel immensely proud at being able to tell family and friends that I am classed by the government as a key worker, helping some of the most isolated and vulnerable people in the UK.”



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