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With over 450,000 people living with deafblindness in the UK and a general election fast approaching, we’re calling on the new Government to do more for people with sensory loss. Here are our top three requests:

  1. For people who are deafblind to be genuinely represented and for their voice to be heard. People living with deafblindness deserve to be involved in decisions that affect them, and we are their voice. So, Deafblind UK needs to be around the table for discussions and decision making about sensory loss. Please make changes with us, not to us.
  2. For more investment into health and social care so that people who are deafblind have access to specialist assessment and care when they need it. We want to see sensory loss higher up the agenda and we want people to get the specific support they need, when they need it. Deafblindness is a unique condition that affects everyone differently. Therefore, assessments and support need to be specialised and bespoke.
  3. For more investment into research about deafblindness so that we can all better understand the causes of sensory loss and the wider impact it has on individuals and society. This will help to promote prevention and develop cures for certain conditions.

At Deafblind UK, we’re committed to working with local and national Government to achieve these three objectives. Deafblindness is a fast growing condition which hugely impacts other areas, such as mental and physical health. We’re campaigning for deafblindness to be better recognised and supported and we’re very excited to have the opportunity to work with a new Government.


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