Synapptic software opens up new opportunities for deafblind people

Accessible technology is an excellent way for members to take control over many aspects of their lives. ‘The World at Their Fingertips’ and ‘At a Touch’ projects – both new initiatives kindly supported by the Awards for All Big lottery fund – offer fantastic opportunities for our members to trial and use some of these leading accessibility products available today.

One of the products being sampled within the projects is an Android tablet package from Synapptic, a company which designs intuitive technology for people with sight loss. The company has traditionally focused on products for those with sight loss, however Mary McMahon, Operations Director at Synapptic explains:

“We’re noticing that people with hearing loss are starting to use our products, particularly because of the fact that they are so intuitive and simple to use. In addition, people like the fact that our software works on mainstream Android smartphones and tablets, whilst remaining fully accessible.”

As the project grows, Deafblind UK are hoping to introduce the technology in a number of ways – from the comfort of individuals’ own homes to specially created digital groups.

We hope that our members will be able to make use of the features for managing everyday digital tasks such as emailing, as well as getting them started on their digital journeys.

Deafblind UK is working closely with Synapptic to provide feedback on the user’s experiences, with the intention of developing the products further for people with the dual sensory loss.

Mary continues: “We’re keen to support Deafblind UK’s initiative in establishing these digital connections, because our wider aim has always been to remove barriers to technology for people with disabilities.

“It just seems like a great fit for us and we hope we can build our relationship with Deafblind UK in the future.”

Synapptic’s innovative products have recently received an Award for Excellence from the Macular Society. The award, in the category of Best Technology Innovation, recognised the unique approach Synapptic has taken to bridging the technology gap for those with sight loss. Now, Synapptic hopes to develop its products further for those with hearing loss, by listening to feedback from DBUK members.

For further information on Synapptic, please contact our Digital Inclusion Manager, Tim Locke on 01733 358 100 or email

You can also visit the Synapptic website
A free trial version of the software is also available, which can be sampled using an existing Android phone or tablet.

Synapptic software opens up new opportunities for deafblind people Deafblind UK

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