Payroll giving

You can create a brighter future for people who are deafblind through Payroll Giving. 

It's free and easy to sign up for Payroll Giving and start making a real difference within your community. Wherever you work, your support will create more social and educational opportunities for people with sight and hearing loss.

What is payroll giving?

Payroll Giving is a way to donate money to charity directly from your wages, without paying tax on it. It's paid through PAYE and needs to be set up by your employer.

It's an easy, tax effective way to make regular donations to a cause you're passionate about.

What is deafblindness?

Deafblindness is when someone has both sight and hearing loss. It can affect people of all ages, and can be caused by a birth injury, genetic condition or by getting older.

Over 400,000 people in the UK are deafblind. Anyone can be deafblind, and you might know friends, family or people at work who are living with sight and hearing loss.

Your support will help people who are deafblind lead the lives they want and be as independent as they want to be.

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How to sign up for Payroll Giving at work

You can help make the world a brighter place for people who are deafblind with payroll giving - and it couldn't be easier to get started!

  • If you work somewhere that already has a Payroll Giving scheme with GoodPAYE in place, ask your HR department to send you your unique employer weblink to sign up. They'll help you sort out a monthly donation.
  • If your work doesn't have a Payroll Giving scheme yet, don't worry! They can set one up through GoodPAYE. You can send them a link to our advice for employers, or ask them to please contact us.

You can make a difference

Payroll Giving is a way to support people in your community who are struggling with their sight and hearing. Your donation will help to create social and educational opportunities for people with deafblindness, as well as provide practical help.

Practical help

Your support means more people who are deafblind will have access to practical support services, including accessible holiday breaks and support with getting a deafblind assessment.

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Changing the future

Your regular gift will fund deafblindness research projects, such as our award-winning education project which is making schools more accessible.

Mental health support

Your support will also reach people who are deafblind and struggling with their mental health. Deafblindness can be a scary, lonely condition - and your help means nobody has to go through it alone.

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Get support

If you'd like to sign up for Payroll Giving but aren't sure what to do next, please contact us to find out more.

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