Helping carers to offload

Caring for someone who is deafblind can be physically and mentally draining. You are their eyes and ears, their guide and often, their voice. Perhaps you are taking on their feelings, anxieties and emotions as well as your own, perhaps you worry about their mental and physical wellbeing.

So, who supports you and who is there to pick you up when you’re down? Our new six-week support service gives carers an opportunity to offload and talk through feelings, thoughts and emotions. Similar to a counselling service, it offers you the space, safety and warmth to talk openly and honestly with our trained advisors who all have the relevant counselling skills to support you.

“Talking to you has been much more beneficial than talking to my doctor!”

Head of National Services, Clare Watson said: “Carers work so hard and constantly put their own needs aside, but is that really sustainable? We are offering them a space to be honest with themselves about how they’re really feeling, without fear of being judged or feeling guilty.”

Clare continued: “We recently supported a lady who cares around the clock for her 80 year old mother – who has sight and hearing loss – as well as her own teenage children. She was exhausted and broke down in tears when we spoke to her; she was trying to deal with so much and just needed to offload. We offered her our six week support service and she now feels supported herself, and empowered to give her mum and children the care that they need.”

This new service is free of charge, to make use of it contact us on the following details:

Tel: 0800 132320
Text: 07903 572885
Text relay: 18001 then 0800 132320
Facetime: (Not BSL)
BSL video relay: please click here to access

The Deafblind UK helpline is also available to give carers and the people they support immediate practical advice and emotional support. This can be accessed using the contact details above.