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Deafblind UK blogger Emma Devine is taking part in our digi-break challenge and has started taking daily screen breaks. Read about how she got on during her first week here:

“With the current lockdown in the UK, most days I spend my time either on my phone or laptop. Being stuck inside, it can be hard to stay away from screens as they keep us tied to work, family, and friends, as well as providing escapism through film, TV and social media.

However, too much screen time can have negative effects on health. Continued screen use can cause eye strain, and blue light from screens suppresses melatonin, an essential sleep-regulating hormone. There is even research to suggest that too much screen time can impact our brain power, causing less efficient information processing.

As part of Deafblind UK’s digi-break campaign, I decided to unplug for about an hour each day for a week; no laptop, TV or phone, so I’ll have to find other ways to entertain myself and be productive.

So, here’s my week, unplugged.


I recently got a bullet journal, so I spent an hour setting out some pages. I find organisation really soothing, and science tells us creative activities such as this release dopamine, a feel-good hormone.


I have a few new books which I have not sat down to start yet. I love reading, but since graduating, I have found it hard to read casually. It was nice to take a break and do something I really enjoy.


Today was a simple, I went for a walk. I love to just get lost in thought while in the fresh air. It also has health benefits as natural environments have been linked to decreasing feelings of tension, stress, and depression.


In the evening, I sat down and had a chat with my partner. We had a drink and just had a laugh together. Sometimes it’s nice to put distractions aside and just spend time with the ones you love most.


I’m currently working on some creative writing projects, so I spent an hour today writing on good old fashioned pen and paper. It definitely helps me to physically write down thoughts and ideas, as I can draw little brainstorms which I can then work from when I type it up later.


I spent an hour reading again; I’m currently reading a non-fiction book about FBI profiling – probably not everyone’s cup of tea but I’m loving it!


My hour today was spent again by just getting outside; it was a lovely morning, so I had to get out and make the most of it before it inevitably became grey again.

Overall, taking a small break from my screens was actually a lot of fun! I tried to make sure I was still doing something productive or entertaining, so I had to really think about how to fill my time instead of mindlessly pressing ‘next episode’. I think I will definitely continue taking breaks each day as I’ve found my mind was clearer and I was generally more relaxed, allowing me to sleep better. I highly recommend giving it a go yourself and seeing what benefits you can reap from your digi-break!”

Find out more about the digi-break challenge here.

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