The power of the screen

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Now, more than ever, technology plays a vital role in helping deafblind people stay in touch with family and friends. Deafblind UK trustee Roger explains his own experience and the difference technology makes to him…

“Like many people with poor sight and hearing, I can see far more by looking at a screen than I do when I am face to face with someone, or in a crowd or meeting.

This surprises a lot of people, but if you struggle to see, understanding it may help you!

What is it about the screen? Why can I see more of my daughter’s face on screen than when she is across the dinner table from me? Why can I read headlines on screen but not when I hold up a newspaper?

Face to face images depend on reflected light. However, the amount of available light varies greatly it’s normally not within your control.

The phone or computer screen is made of thousands of tiny but potentially powerful little lights called pixels. The colour, the intensity and the size of the bits that make up the image can all be controlled to meet your needs.  The screen is alive, electrified and vibrant to weak eyes while the real world can appear dull to some of us.

The cameras on modern phones are fantastic. So while my slow functioning eyes struggle to see whether a face has glasses or lipstick, the digital camera sorts it all out and, with my nose close to the screen I can see much more.

On a zoom call, I might even get to be able to recognise which face is talking, something I can’t do when I am out and about.

If you, or someone you know, is struggling with their sight don’t be afraid to use technology to help you. You might be surprised and see much more than you expected, maybe even start reading again or be able to browse online shops.

That is the power of the screen!”

For advice on how using technology could help you, please contact our helpline:
Tel: 0800 132320
Text: 07950 008870
Text relay: 18001 then 0800 132320
Facetime: (Not BSL)
BSL video relay: Please click here

And to find out how to use screens safely, including ensuring you give your eyes and ears regular breaks, please click here.

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