“Would I do it again? Absolutely, in a heartbeat!”

Back in April, six runners laced up their trainers, put on a Deafblind UK running vest and embarked on the biggest challenge of their lives, the London Marathon.

Here’s what Annabelle had to say afterwards:

“It may seem cliche but I can honestly say running the marathon for Deafblind UK was one of the best days of my life. The main reason I wanted to achieve the distance was not only to challenge myself, raise money for an extremely good cause but also to set my mind to something and focus my determination.

“In all I raised £2,750 for Deafblind UK and the thought that with every stride I was helping others than myself was hugely motivating.

“I’d be lying if the last two miles weren’t the hardest thing I’ve ever done but the satisfaction of finishing wearing my medal around my home city was all worth the six months of dedication and training. With enough time, training and commitment, I do believe anyone has the capability to complete a marathon.

“The crowd and the atmosphere is unbeatable – throughout the 26.2mile route the sidelines were least five people deep the entire way around! Would I do it again? Absolutely, in a heartbeat!”

We are now looking for runners to take part in the London Marathon 2018 – if you think you’ve got what it takes and would like to join team Deafblind UK then please contact us

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