Rammy Arafa and Steve Conway

Deafblind UK and OXSIGHT work in partnership to give people their sight back

We’re pleased to announce our new partnership with OXSIGHT, an organisation who produce high-tech glasses that can give people with visual impairments their sight back. We will be working closely together to help enhance the lives of people living with sight loss. Our CEO, Steve Conway, said: “Losing your sight can be devastating but even … Read more

A man wearing glasses and holding his ear

Identifying sight and hearing loss

Thousands of people in the UK are living with sight and hearing loss, but how can you tell whether you, or someone you know, is one of them? Early signs of sight loss include: Difficulty reading books and newspapers or watching TV Difficulty recognising people, particularly in unexpected situations Often thinking that you need new … Read more

The accessible listening slider

Personalised listening

The BBC is trialing an exciting new feature called “accessible and enhanced audio” (A&E) which allows audiences to change the audio mix of a TV programme to suit their individual needs. Click here to watch an episode of Casualty and put it to the test! Deafblind UK Trustee Roger said: “Our hearing is very personal … Read more