Grieving during the pandemic

Losing a loved one is devastating, and the Coronavirus has made it even more difficult to cope with. Some people have not been able to be with their loved ones in their last hours or have not been able to have the funeral or memorial that they would have liked. This, together with the increased … Read more

Get crafty!

Many arts and crafts activities can be experienced and enjoyed through senses other than sight. The process of creating something from scratch can be very therapeutic and with practice you could make something practical for yourself or a heartfelt gift for others, with any imperfections adding to the charm of a homemade present! Detailed tutorials … Read more

Which benefit?

The world of benefits can be a confusing place, but our guide will help you to navigate this minefield and help ensure that you are receiving all the help you’re entitled to. Benefits are forms of financial support from the Government. There are many different types and eligibility criteria for each one is very different. … Read more

How we help: Befriending

We have heard many stories of how the lockdown has left people more alone than usual. Visits from family and carers have been put on hold and groups and clubs are not running. Our befriending service continues to give our members some normality and continuity throughout, and after lockdown. Joyce’s story Joyce was feeling anxious … Read more

Listening devices

Would you benefit from using a listening device, but you’re unsure about which products are right for you? Here’s our guide to help you find out more! Radio aids Radio aids are small, portable devices that are worn on a neckloop. They send sound directly into your hearing aid and so they are great for … Read more

Harold’s story

When Harold called our helpline back in March, he was in a desperate situation. A combination of cataracts, hearing loss, tinnitus and arthritis were making life incredibly difficult. Harold was depressed and told us that he felt there was no point going on. Harold spoke to our emotional and wellbeing team who set up a … Read more

Deafblind UK launches remote support groups to combat loneliness

The Covid pandemic has forced us all to change the way we are used to doing things and adapt to a new normal. But regular social groups were more than a chance to catch up with friends. For many people, social groups were possibly their only chance to leave the house, to meet other people … Read more

Two ladies wearing disposable gloves, face masks and visors

Adapting to Covid – our new normal

How Covid has affected our members Being deafblind in this pandemic has been difficult and often terrifying. We never thought that in 2020, we would be taking calls from our members who are running out of food and unable to get more. Thankfully, we could help by supporting them to do online shopping or by … Read more

Accessible video calls

Making your video calls accessible to people with sight and/or hearing loss As remote communications are fast replacing face to face meetings, more and more of us rely on video calls to interact with our colleagues. For people with sight and/or hearing impairments, video calls can be difficult. Here is some simple advice to help … Read more

The stages of sight and hearing loss – Roger’s story

Deafblind UK Trustee Roger describes his experiences of adapting to life with sight and hearing loss, and offers hope to the many others who are faced with similar challenges. Roger’s story… When facing significant hearing or sight loss, most of us seem to go through various stages. For me, stage one involved gradually beginning to … Read more