A woman leaning on a wall, holding her head

All about… Ménière’s disease

Affecting two in every 1,000 people, Ménière’s disease is a rare condition that is caused by a disorder in the inner ear. It usually only impacts one ear at a time but can lead to dizzy spells and hearing loss. What causes Ménière’s disease? The condition arises when changes in pressure affect the fluid in … Read more

Shannon wearing a red top and sunglasses

Living with Cochlear Implants

Hi, I’m Shannon, I’m 23 and I have had Bilateral Cochlear Implants for three years now. Life before cochlear implants My story starts when I was four years old. I was told that I had mild sensorineural hearing loss and was given my first pair of hearing aids. Things were difficult in junior school. I … Read more

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New wellbeing and emotional support service

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new wellbeing and emotional support service to provide in depth assistance to people with sight and hearing loss. The new service is free of charge and will enable people who are deafblind to talk to someone who is trained and experienced in Deafblind awareness, active … Read more

Small businesses make a big difference!

Deafblind UK receives generous support each year through working with businesses across the UK. We find that, for large organisations, there are often well established systems for identifying and supporting charities. However, it is not always be clear to small businesses how they can get involved. We are all facing a great deal of uncertainty … Read more

Steve Conway, CEO

A message from our CEO, Stephen Conway

This is a very difficult time for everyone but all Deafblind UK staff feel privileged to work for an organisation that undertakes such vital work helping those with dual sensory loss, the majority of whom are elderly. Whilst Deafblind UK staff are now working from home where possible, our support workers continue to provide care … Read more

Using digital technology

By Tim Locke, Technology Manager, Deafblind UK As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, social interaction with friends and family has reduced for everyone. This can lead to an increased sense of isolation and loneliness, particularly for people who are deafblind. Over the years, Deafblind UK has advocated many accessible technology solutions that have enabled … Read more