Support for GPs and health professionals

If you're a GP, work in a practice or in a primary care setting, we're here to help you support your patients who are deafblind. You can get information, resources and training about deafblindness here.

If you think one of your patients has both a sight and hearing impairment, it’s important you act quickly. Early identification and intervention for sight and hearing loss can reduce the risk of falls, improve your patients' mental health and reduce demand on primary healthcare services.

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About us

We help people who are deafblind live the life they want. Our support includes:

Make a referral

You can refer someone to us for free, specialist support with their sight and hearing loss. We support people of all ages. Our help includes:

  • Mental health services and counselling
  • Befriending and local support groups
  • Practical help with everyday tasks
  • Mobility support.

Click here to make a referral. 

Free helpline

Do you have questions about deafblindness? Call our free helpline for expert advice on how to support your patients who have sight and hearing loss and make your practice more inclusive.

No question is too great or small, and our team are here to help. Call us on 0800 132320 or email to talk to an expert.

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For healthcare professionals

We're here to support you and make sure you have the information and resources you need to support people who are deafblind.

We can support you with:

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How we help: Tracey's story

Sight and hearing loss can bring up a lot of feelings, and take a real toll on your mental health. We offer free counselling so that people who are deafblind can get mental health support if they want it.

Click here to read Tracey's story.

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