I am immensely proud to be a Government key worker

Rosalind is a support worker for Deafblind UK and has been walking 5 miles a day to make sure our clients are safe and well during the lockdown. “Walking through the empty streets of central London, down a deserted Oxford Street, then across Hyde Park, now glorious in the Spring sunshine, is a very different … Read more

A woman with blond hair wearing a telephone headset and looking at the camera

New wellbeing and emotional support service

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new wellbeing and emotional support service to provide in depth assistance to people with sight and hearing loss. The new service is free of charge and will enable people who are deafblind to talk to someone who is trained and experienced in Deafblind awareness, active … Read more

Small businesses make a big difference!

Deafblind UK receives generous support each year through working with businesses across the UK. We find that, for large organisations, there are often well established systems for identifying and supporting charities. However, it is not always be clear to small businesses how they can get involved. We are all facing a great deal of uncertainty … Read more