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Remote friendships

It is undeniable that lockdown has been really hard but as isolated as we may have felt, it is comforting to know we are all in this together, and it is still possible to meet new people and make friends, even if we can’t get out as much as we used to. We have a … Read more

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My pandemic experience

Covid-19 has affected us all in so many different ways. Here, our chairman Robert describes his experiences of being deafblind during the pandemic. When the first lockdown began, I immediately noticed how quiet the roads were. It was very welcome and I was amazed how much birdsong I could hear – all the more so … Read more

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Could you be entitled to more support?

If sight and hearing loss affects your mobility, communication or ability to access information then you are entitled to a specialist deafblind assessment. This is an assessment by your Local Authority to determine whether you would benefit from any additional support. It can be a lengthy process but, in our experience, the results can be … Read more

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Helping carers to offload

Caring for someone who is deafblind can be physically and mentally draining. You are their eyes and ears, their guide and often, their voice. Perhaps you are taking on their feelings, anxieties and emotions as well as your own, perhaps you worry about their mental and physical wellbeing. So, who supports you and who is … Read more

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How to make life easier for colleagues with sight/hearing loss in lockdown

The COVID pandemic has changed lives across the globe, with many people now working and studying from home. Deaf advocate and Deafblind UK blogger Louise Goldsmith finds out more about the impact of this on people with sensory loss, and how we can all help make life easier for them. “Although working and studying from … Read more

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Deafblind UK member walks 10,000 steps a day to raise money for charity

A woman who is registered blind and hard of hearing has pledged to walk 10,000 steps a day throughout March, to raise money for the charity Deafblind UK. Linda North, who is nearly 70 and from Clacton, enjoyed going to Deafblind UK’s regular local social group, which had to stop when the pandemic hit. Sadly, … Read more

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Book review: Silent Night by Nell Pattison

Joanne McVicker reviews Silent Night by Nell Pattison, a story told from the perspective of a BSL interpreter which gave Joanne an greater understanding of the deaf community. “The setting of this novel is a deaf school in England. Some pupils and teachers go on a residential school trip and wake up to find their … Read more

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Top tech tips

Here’s our roundup of some of our favourite products, tips and tricks to help make technology accessible for all. Accessibility improvements in Apple iOS 14 Apple have included an impressive number of accessibility updates in their latest iOS release. Here are a few of them: FaceTime ‘Speaking’ feature: This feature gives focus to the active … Read more

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The great outdoors

We all know the importance of exercise, but what we may not be aware of are the increased benefits of exercising outdoors. With spring on the way, it is important to start heading out. Direct sunlight on the skin enables the body to create vitamin D, which is important for bone and muscle health, as … Read more

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Keeping your mind active

Studies have shown that adopting good health habits can prevent cognitive decline and further reduce the risk of dementia. Some good examples include avoiding smoking, getting enough sleep, keeping physically active, and interacting with others. Age UK, also highlight the importance of carrying out “mentally stimulating” activities, to keep our brains in “peak condition”. Recently … Read more